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Sure we have seen similar kinds of stories like this, where one person must face the odds alone against Mother Nature, but when it is well done, as this one is, it is worth taking the voyage. It is tough to pull this kind of thing off since in real life their boat drifted for 41 days and that can get kind of monotonous. A key story device involving the injured boyfriend helps, but Kormakur and screenwriters Aaron Kendall, Jordan Kendall and David Branson Smith also find to way to weave in and out of flashbacks in a structure that not only fills in the details of the romantic relationship that flowers in Tahiti but also in leading up to their catastrophe on the open water. The film is able to build suspense based on anticipation of what will happen even after initially opening with the aftermath of the storm, which then leads into the first of the flashbacks. A couple of unexpected twists help enormously. It also is admirable that the director ruled out shooting the many water sequences in a tank, filming instead on real open-water locations off Fiji and New Zealand.

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Feb 19, 9: Since then, Woodley has kept busy, taking roles whenever she can and advocating for environmental issues. For someone who has been acting as long as she has, it should be no surprise that she has a large fortune. Most people have caught Woodley in one role or another, but they may not realize just how much work she has done.

Shailene Woodley, Actress: Divergent. Actress Shailene Woodley was born in Simi Valley, California, to Lori (Victor), a middle school counselor, and Lonnie Woodley, a school principal. created 24 Jan Hottest actresses a list of 43 people One of my goals in life is to start a giant organic, biodynamic farm, and have it run like a.

However, questions are surfacing about the real score of both stars relationship following their kissing scene in the movie. The success of “Divergent” in box office sales and amassing a whole new league of fan base grew plenty of hopefuls that the on-screen relationship of the actors will be true in real life. The thing is, Theo James has a girlfriend, the Irish actress Ruth Kearney whom the actor has been dating for 5 years now. Theo James is rarely seen with Kearney these days as he is often spotted with Woodley.

This is supposedly normal because of the hectic schedule of the actor flying in different countries for the red carpet premiere of “Divergent. Theo James and Shailene Woodley admitted on being comfortable with one another and they even practiced for their kissing scene on set to ensure that they will get the shot.

In a report from a source , James said that he “wanted to practice the kissing scene with Shai as much as possible,” because they want to make the scene to look real, and not full of cheese, thus they have to get rid of the awkwardness. Fans could not be blamed to assume that there is something going on with the “Divergent” stars. While promoting their film in various media outlets as well as on other appearances, the co-stars have been generous with PDA’s; hugging each other on the red carpet, and James protectively covering Woodley with his arms on the private screening of the film in California back in March.

Whether the “Divergent” actors are growing feelings for one another, or they are “just friends,” there are lot of the on-screen couple to be seen.

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Here’s some news to soothe the soul: Noted clay-eater Shailene Woodley has a new boyfriend, and she’s taken it to Instagram, so you know the love is real. Her new hunk’s name is Ben Volavola, reports Us Weekly.

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But for Shailene Woodley, the public fascination does not begin and end with her starring role in the much-anticipated The Fault in Our Stars, or her equally awaited turn in March’s Divergent. Rather, though she has been vocal about her holistic habits for years, they have never before been so scrutinized in various interviews. And we eat up every new revelation about her rustic way of life: When we thread it all together, the undeniable question remains: What would it be like to be Shailene Woodley for a day?

So I read up on all of her interviews, formulated a schedule that I imagined might be similar to that of hers, and prepared to follow it to the T. Was I looking forward to consuming clay and fending for myself in the wilds of Central Park? But I, like the rest of the world, was fascinated by the prospect, and it didn’t seem like too much of a leap for me.

And more importantly, would channeling Shailene bring me the same “awakening moment” with the universe that she says to have experienced when filming The Descendants in Hawaii? Only the day ahead would tell: I wake—not quite with the sun, as I had hoped—but with a bit of trepidation at the day ahead of me.

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The buzz suggests that the co-stars who share massive chemistry onscreen could be an item off screen. Woodley and James sparked dating rumors when they couldn’t stop talking about the big kissing scene they share in the film. Sonam Malik Apr 12, The movie opens in the U. Buzz suggests that the co-stars, who share massive chemistry onscreen could be an item off screen too.

RELATED: Shailene Woodley Stuns on the March Cover of InStyle. For someone who has been proudly possession-free for years, this is a big deal. “Three years ago I got rid of everything,” says.

Here’s some news to soothe the soul: Noted clay-eater Shailene Woodley has a new boyfriend, and she’s taken it to Instagram, so you know the love is real. What is Shailene Woodley doing in Oceania? She’s filming her new movie Adrift, in which she’s wearing a lot of makeup. The Big Little Lies star plays one half of a real-life couple who sailed over 1, miles after a hurricane. It’s a seriously sob-worthy story, but she seems blissfully happy with her new love. On her Instagram, she shared very adorable couple photos that depict them enjoying simple moments.

In one photo, they’re curled up in wooden chairs overlooking the ocean on a hill, which looks so stunning. In another, his hand is placed tenderly on her very California-esque distressed jeans, with the caption, “pillars. And since it looks like Ascendent, the last film in the Divergent series, may never get made, we hope it means that the new couple has lots of time to spend together.

Shailene Woodley And Theo James Open Up About Fame, Dating, And More!

Find out which products she used to get her look here. Thomas Whiteside No home? Fresh from a three-week spiritual journey through India, Shailene Woodley opens up inside the new InStyle about “constantly falling in love,” being a late bloomer, and the joys of letting go. An excerpt is below. To read the full feature, pick up the March issue of InStyle, now available on newsstands and for digital download.

At 23, Tami (Shailene Woodley) gets the opportunity to sail a yacht from Tahiti to California with her boyfriend Richard Sharp (Sam Claflin), but the vessel rides directly into the eye of a.

She also took some acting classes with Anthony Meindl. Career beginnings and The Secret Life[ edit ] Woodley in Woodley began her acting career in with minor television roles in The District and Crossing Jordan in the latter, she acted out the ten-year-old version of Jill Hennessy ‘s title character. An American Girl Adventure The show explores the effects of her pregnancy on her family, friends and herself as well as life at Ulysses S.

Grant High School in California. Ken Tucker of Entertainment Weekly praised her performance stating that “Woodley’s performance lifts a well-meaning, rather brave, but ramshackle show a notch. Film debut and breakthrough[ edit ] Woodley in In , Woodley made her feature film debut in The Descendants , where she played Alex, the troubled elder daughter of Matt King played by George Clooney.

Her performance received positive reviews from critics.

Who is dating shailene woodley in real life. I kissed dating goodbye chapter 2 summary

Shailene Woodley and Ellen Page Rumors: However, even though Woodley and her co-star Theo James have become very close, Woodley has indicated that they have never dated despite rumors on the Internet. James in fact is dating Ruth Kearney. Woodley also dismissed rumors of her dating another co-star, Ansel Elgort who is dating Violetta Komyshatta, his high school sweetheart.

Magazine, Page and Woodley started out as “conservationaly minded pen pals.

The two main stars from ‘The Fault In Our Stars,’ Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley, reunited at the Golden Globes tonight and our hearts melted all over again, like it was !

Apparently, it was the best move on the part of both Theo James and Ruth Kearney to quash all speculations that their relationship is under threat from Shailene Woodley. But as it is, fans got a major disappointment when Theo and Ruth finally got engaged after being in a relationship for a long time already, notes Venture Capital Post.

Not dating at all Before reports of an engagement between Theo and Ruth, the British actor has already dismissed dating speculations during an interview with HLNTV recently. James said that he and Shailene Woodley are just good friends and that they are not dating at all. The year-old British actor had to make clarifications about the controversy as there have also been reports that he and Ruth have already broken up, which he denied matter-of-factly.

Without really meaning to dignify the speculations by responding or denying it squarely, Theo James and Ruth Kearney quashed those breakup rumors by showing up recently in New York City on a casual stroll and looking very much like a couple in love. They were walking at the Big Apple on September 19 and having some deep and private conversation. In a recent interview, Theo James said that in as far as sense of confidence is concerned, he needed to have a style that is strong, confident, and elegant given his limited and selected wardrobe, just like most men do.

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