How to Connect a Bathroom Sink Drain

In the Part 1 of this guide to installing a double kitchen sink drain, you learned how to fit the drains to the sink and attach the fittings to the wall. In Part 2, you will attach the drain outlet pipes together and place the fittings on the trap arm. You will also learn how to avoid basic beginner mistakes. Once the hard parts of the task—such as the original fittings on the sink—are completed, then the rest of the installation of your double kitchen sink drain should not be too difficult. With a few basic skills, you should be able to do this job in a couple of hours. Step 1 – Add the Second Drain Pieces Once you have got the first tail pipe added to the drain, you can then attach the outlet drain to the t-fitting, and then to the second drain tailpiece. This should be done by adding a washer, with the beveled edge facing towards the second tailpipe. When you have added this drain outlet to the fitting, you should tighten it as much as possible.

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How to Choose a Bathroom Vanity. From old-fashioned and vintage to rustic or modern, bathroom vanities come in many forms. Depending on the size of your bathroom and your storage needs, choose a single or double bathroom vanity or have one custom-made instead.

Drain tailpiece does not line up Flexible tailpiece barely fits Find the right fitting Jesse Shumate, who decided she wanted to be a master plumber like me, wrote: Now the drain tailpiece does not line up with the p-trap. I’m using a flexible tailpiece right now but I don’t like it and it barely fits. Is there a better method to solve this problem? Thank you very much.

Jesse, you bet there’s a way to solve this. It can be easy or hard depending on the horizontal pipe stub that’s sticking out from the wall. Realize that you deal with two different pipe sizes when connecting sinks to drain pipes in walls. The piping that’s visible under a sink is tubular with a smaller outer diameter.

Double Your Fun: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Installing Twin Sinks in the Bathroom

Replacing pitted or rusty fixtures or an obviously past-its-prime bathroom vanity can give new life to an old room for a relatively low cost or can provide a subtle upgrade that gives a bit of style or pizzazz. Designs that can evoke anything from French provincial to Scandinavian designers. Installation of a new faucet usually takes a matter of minutes, but depending on the type of access and the level of corrosion, removing the old one can require anywhere from several minutes to several hours.

Most sinks come with the faucet included; on some the faucet is a separate charge, but this lets you choose the one you want. Installing a new vanity make take a few hours or up to a day. Once the old sink or vanity is removed, it’s a good idea to fix up and paint the walls behind it before installing the new model.

Double sink bathroom plumbing is easiest in bathrooms where the existing sink is attached to a cabinet. In this situation, all that really needs to be done is removing the old sink and countertop, attaching the new drain assembly and the new faucet to the vanity, use plumber’s putty to create a tight seal between the faucet and the vanity and.

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Plumbing Costs

Washing Machine connect to Bathroom Sink? The washing machine is front loader and the bathroom sink has a single spout and normal turning taps not the ceramic plate ones. Can we connect the cold water hose of the washing machine to the bathroom sinks single spout and is it safe to do this? We can let the washing machine drain into buckets if need be. I think you will be able to find an aerator thread adaptor that will enable you to use quick-connect fittings that the old portable dishwashers used.

We carry commercial sinks for tasks other than warewashing, as well. Set up wall-mount and hands-free sinks in your restroom, prep area, or doctor’s office, so employees or customers can sanitize their hands between tasks.

Apparently a lot of people did not plumb the sink themselves. There was a lot of wasted space underneath and I knew I could do better. It was just a matter of finding the correct parts. I should mention that Monday and Tuesday this past week I had to fix some small leaks in the plumbing under the sink. Monday we discovered it was leaking where the plumbing hooks to the strainer.

For the other tailpiece I guess you are supposed to buy a separate gasket. How stupid is that? The other leak was because I missed gluing two pieces of PVC together. It was the one all the way in the back. So this is was take one. Notice how low the horizontal pipe that connects two sink outlets together is.

How to Hook Up a Bathroom Sink Drain

Plan Your Purchase Like most work in a bathroom, the installation of a new sink is likely timed with other work. Installing a new sink is an opportune time, at minimum, to also upgrade a faucet. Sink bowls will come pre-drilled with one or three holes. While the single-hole option is pretty self-explanatory i. For three-hole bathroom sinks, holes are set at one of two possible spans or spreads. Based on the distance measured from the center point of the outside holes, you’ll find sinks with either eight-inch center set or four-inch center set drillings.

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Edit Answer for another minute Generally fixture costs are reasonably consistent across the country with some variation due to local taxes, costs to ship from the manufacturer, and so on. However, installation costs will vary much more because of widely different labor rates, the difficulty of the job itself, distance the installer has to travel and price of fuel, weekend or evening work, experience, how much work you may have already done that has to be re-done, and so on.

Some items are also available at etailers like Amazon, efaucets, and the many, many others. With that, see if your chosen plumber can get the items at the same or similar cost and what they would charge on top for install. As to the difficulty of doing the job: Each item above that you need in your situation takes an installer some time to do. The more needed, the more time and the more cost. Some items may even require a different trade electrician for running new service, for example, in the case of a new disposer.

You want the job to be done very well, up to code, safely, and look good. As you can see, the work could range from quick-and-easy to quite complex and the costs will reflect that. Answered 4 years ago.

Advice on how to connect double bath sink to drain

Sadly, materials are not the only costs associated with most plumbing projects , including faucet installation. You may not be able to affect all, but knowing what can drive up your kitchen faucet replacement price will surely help you stay within budget. If, on the other hand, you install a new sink in a different location, your faucet installation cost will rise.

To install a sink in a basement is a very easy thing to do with the help of a pump. Here you’ll see the black box. This box has a pump in it, with a float switch.

Female pipe threads on the inside of fitting FTG: The same size as the pipe. Will fit inside a socket hub fitting Mipt: Male iron pipe threads on the outside of fitting Hub: Part of fitting the pipe inserts into ID: Used to describe copper pipe and fittings in plumbing. Refers to the inside diameter of the pipe which varies by thickness of the pipe. Fitting end same size as pipe. Will glue into hub of another fitting Tubular: Under sink drainage piping measured by outside diameter Frequently Asked Questions Q.

It is used mainly for under sink p-traps and drain fittings that use compression style washers and nuts to create a seal referred to as slip joint connections. The slip joint connections allow the tubing and fittings to be cut and adjusted as needed for each individual installation.

How to Install a Drop-In Bathroom Sink