5 Things We Learned Playing Kim Kardashian’s New Game

Categories Uncategorized So in case you live under a rock at the bottom of the ocean, Kim Kardashian has a mobile game out called Kim Kardashian Hollywood. Starting Out in Downtown LA You start the game as a nobody in Hollywood, working as a retail assistant in a clothing store. She then swindles you into giving her the dress she wants for free and as thanks for helping her out, she gets you a manager, a publicist and your foot in the door in the modeling business. The game after that is fairly straight forward. Your manager and your publicist both call you frequently with different project opportunities ranging from photo shoots to ad campaigns to catwalk modeling and you go complete those projects for money and fans. Your goal is to keep filling up that star to reach the next star level. You want to become an A-list celebrity. You fill up your star meter by gaining fans.

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When is dating unlocked in hollywood u Die Erkenntnis, dass der Handel mit 28 Jul We do not retain your date-of-birth information. Please note that hollywood U is completely free to play, but you can.. You’ll unlock new clothes at level 5, 25, and Since the recorder doesn’t allow me to capture the game’s audio disneytoysclubfan valerie Twitter But Megan is a complete psycho, I demand a Chris date next week!

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Should I date Willow or Steph? I’m a guy and so the first time I saw Willow Pape at the Brew Palms I flirted with her so now I can go on a date with her but at the same time I have someone else named Steph when Kim asked mebif I liked sporty or artistic kind, I said sporty.

In the app, you are trying to get to A list. I started at the very bottom no ranking, which means no fans up to C list. When I go to places with other people, I usually can network with those around C list or below. High C-listers up to A-list usually don’t have time for me yet. I am roughly in the middle of the C-list to high middle. Willow loves to say many petty things, and she is very mean-spirited. One of the worst parts about Willow is when she moves up many spaces and you stay behind.

Willow can either make you lose fans or gain fans depending on what she does to you and how you react to the situation.

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See that tall , hunky and vulgar blond guy in the football letterman jacket picking on the nerd over there? What’s his name, Dick? A boorish, obnoxious, spiteful asshole with an out-of-control sense of entitlement , he spends his time beating people up, getting drunk and destroying property; and in darker works, he may also be an incorrigible rapist. Just as the Alpha Bitch has a Girl Posse , the Jerk Jock has the Cool Crowd, a crowd of hangers-on who bow to his every whim and help him victimize whomever he decides to pick on.

Now, her guilty pleasures include Châteauneuf-du-Pape wine and halloumi cheese. “I’m obsessed,” she gushed. “I grill it for salads with truffle oil and dandelion greens—the more exotic the.

Are you ready for your photoshoot with Kim Kardashian? I downloaded Kim Kardashian: The game launched yesterday on the App Store and Google Play through Glu Mobile, and I had to know how the hell they made a game about someone famous for being good at playing the media. As it turns out, they made a game about gaming the Hollywood system.

Players rise through the ranks of the LA social scene whatever that means with the help of Kardashian’s digital likeness. I got to level six before deciding I’d risen far enough. You know how at the beginning of some character-based video games there are scenes where dialog boxes pop up and characters talk to each other, and you hit a few buttons to get on with it? That is all this “game” is. Like Kardashian’s manufactured reality empire, there are only the flimsiest of stakes and everything is smooth and meaningless.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood – Tips on Dealing with Willow Pape

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Welcome to KimKGuide! This blog is dedicated to giving advice and info on the most popular game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Directory. This blog is currently a work in progress.

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Hollywood,” the player aims to rise through the Hollywood ranks from a lowly retail position to A-list celebrity. This is accomplished by completing a series of tasks such as photo shoots, appearances at local clubs, and promotions for high-end vodka brands. A secondary element involves networking, flirting and dating to gain status totally acceptable in Kardashian Hollywood, but more on that later.

The game was released over a week ago and quickly landed a No.

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Simon told Kim to go talk to Other Kim for dating advice. Other Kim was only too thrilled to help. Kim blinked, not even believing this was a real question. She thought back on all the men she had met in this world. They were each of them hideous, loathsome trolls, with mustaches and ridiculous hair and shorts, and personalities like a dead rat in a used diaper. Do you like sporty girls, or are you more into the artistic kind?

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I don’t play very many games because I’m overall not good at them it took me losses before one win on , but there’s always an exception to what I’m willing to do when it comes to tweenage-targeted celebrity role playing. So when the word of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood got out a couple weeks ago I tried my hardest to avoid it until eventually I caved—and I caved hard.

I need a celebrity rehab game just to kick my addiction to growing my fictional celebrity because sorry, I know I’m right up there with Kim on the A-list. Luckily, I was on vacation when I downloaded it so I’m here to tell you all the tips in how not to let it ruin your life completely. I’m seeing you guys are loving my new game app! Makes me so happy! I worked really hard on this and love that you guys are enjoying it! I personally opted for the “realistic fantasy world” road, where I play the fame as I would if I were actually in these situations.

That route is the route I feel makes it fun for me, but you can go the opposite direction and be crazy. Girl, you go ahead and spend your K Stars on blue hair, throw your drink on people and break up on every date.